Agriculture for Community Transformation

The entire populace in northern Uganda is a wounded one and yet what strikes me is that the people have very strong desires to rebuild themselves as they rise from the ashes of the war. In attempts to rise from these horrors the war has implanted, we face stiff challenges in establishing a self reliant livelihood, famine due to prolong drought, shortage of clean water, poor farming tools, poor storage facilities, inadequate better farming knowledge weight our efforts down. All these grip the populations against their desires and aspirations. Never forgeting that I grew up in such a melee and that the remaining bones of northern Uganda need aspiration and dreams for them to come true. I will always struggle within my limits to make a contribution that will bring a lasting impact, rehabilitation and consolation to my wounded brothers and sisters so that one day we can rise, become self reliant and unleashed our full potentials to the liberation of the worlds vulnerable people.
 It is this desire that has made me to think of establishing a community farm project for community transformation in Uganda; this is with an aim of playing an active role in the socio economic transformation of the marginalized community of northern Uganda with needy children, youth, women and the general public now that the LRA war has somehow ended through promoting agriculture. Agriculture, which was the communities economic backbone was crippled, education interrupted, health sector handicapped with the people’s life expectancy drastically reduced to only 48years and no guarantee for water and sanitation.
The community in Attiak saw the need for clean drinking water, improved agriculture, environmental conservation and natural resource management and reliable food security. It will therefore help these vulnerable groups by empowering the community to be self reliant through agriculture, improving food security, clean water and promotion of ecological justice.
Through agriculture the community can become self reliant, self sustained and with time, they would be able to afford education for their children, health care for their families and basic needs that their families would need. Through agriculture we shall solve the problem of hunger and famine. Our goal is to empower and equip the poor and small scale farmers in Attiak so as to increase food production for sustainable food Security by 2013. This initiative is motivated by the current low level of food security that has imposed hunger and famine in all the four Districts. Agriculture is the livelihood of the people in Attiak even before they were pushed to the internally displaced people’s camps. The major activity of the people living in Attiak Sub County is agriculture. Generally more than 95% of the people are engaged in agricultural activities. Most of them are poor and live below the poverty line. The land is very fertile and productive; besides, there is communal ownership of land by the community. The people need adequate training in proper farming methods which are environmentally friendly for its conservation. It is a need driven initiative. It would respond precisely to the plight of the people.  
 It is upon these that I testify to you all that agriculture for community transformation can be viable in answering the plight of the people in Attiak. And I would like to call upon everyone who reads this article to do something to help the people. Your silence is our shock. Together we can cause a change for the better. 

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