Its a very important fact in our society today, to redefine the meaning of freedom. From both my Ugandan and American perspectives, I have realised that the word freedom is tough to define especially in this age of relativism. The quest for moral correctness is always compromised by the desire of liberty and personal rights. 

 We Human beings always describe ourselves as free and rational beings of which am sure it is. That freedom is a fundamental dimension of our being. If we give a deeper introspection to our life, we see that we are not just passive contemplators of the world, we are also agents in the world, we plan, we build, and we commit ourselves and freely choose what to do and how to do them. We also think of our consciousness and wish to accomplish our desires. This point to the fact that we human beings have both intellect and will. Our spiritual consciousness is qualitatively superior to the sense knowledge; the humanity in us will transcend the animality in us because of intellective and spiritual awareness and also free will.

If I ask, what is it to be free?
To be free is to have no restriction by situations whether external or internal; therefore, to be free is to be away from the forces of nature and compulsive surroundings or social pressures. However, to be free would also mean to have the power of self determination, creativity, self realization and self fulfillment of our humanity, that is, to achieve and pursue a direction of our will.

To many youths in our society, the age of 18 is like the perfect line of indiscipline where one chooses to do what ever one wishes because of the professed freedom. Others take freedom to be a means denying fellow human being the right to live freely on the earth. Young boys under the disguise of freedom would wish to live luxurious lives e.g. having outings, girlfriends, dodging lessons and ignoring Religion. This may land them into many problems like defilement, fornication, pornography unaware that Sex is for husbands and wives not just a man and a woman. The decision to get into sex is not just for enjoyment and also to open the door for live all pregnancies are gifts from God and not burdensome.

What should then our freedom lead us to? Since human freedom is precious, it should lead us to be at the service of values.

It should make us realize our humanity fully. This may involve risks, but, we have to follow the good rather than to be free because it is through freedom that man realizes his humanity. This freedom should be like a double edged sword. It is because we are free that we do well. Because we can do well in claim of freedom, we can also do evil.

Why then should we use our freedom to degrade and dehumanize ourselves?
Freedom to me is that without which we cannot be fully human. It is that by which we cannot be less than human. Let’s free ourselves from all heart aches and let God lead the way in spite of our freedom. I know it sounds like a mega fairy tale of impossibility of some sort. But fellow youths, let us take time to discern our vocations. For those to marry, God will fit you in some body’s rib cage. Be patient knowing that, if it’s your time, love will track you like a cruise missile and you will be   glad that you waited.
Those taking religious dimension of vocations, God is faithful; there is nothing that will come to you that you cannot handle.
In a way we human beings have the capacity of never being satisfied with our problems we create in the world in the name of freedom, we want to go beyond.

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  1. That's a great intellectual piece of work.